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Pigment Inks for Encad Novajet Printers

For Encad Novajet Printers

InkTec has been providing premium water based pigment inks for various indoor and outdoorapplications, which are compatible with Encad Novajet Printers.We can guarantee the life of cartridge for minimum 1,500ml throughput. Cartridge lifeexpectancy is dependent on printing mode with a maximum throughput of 2,000ml andwarranty terms and duration are determined by media manufacturer, kinds and lamination. Wesupply empty cartridges that are reliable and refill kits for user's convenience.


Features and benefits

- Vibrant color
- Reliable productivity
- Outstanding image quality
- Fast drying speed after printing




Printer Compatibility

- 300dpi : Novajet 1/ 11, NovaJet PROe, NovaJet 500
- 600dpi : NovaJet 736/750/850/880,

   NovaJet 4&Croma 24, NovaJet II/ III series






- Window displays, Exhibits, Outdoor signage



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