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UV Curing Ink

UV Curing Ink
MHD UV curing ink has been optimized for extended color gamut and high vibrancy, speed of cure and low odor. The cured ink has excellent mechanical properties with good adhesion and durability on many substrates and high levels of chemical, abrasion and temperature resistance, and UV light-fastness. 
You can get solidly printing products with competitive price.

Features and benefits


. Water-resistant, scratch-resistant and UV lightfast print
. Long shelf life
. Low odor
. Excellent adhesion and durability on wide range of substrates
. Extended color gamut and high vibrancy
. Outstanding jetting stability





. Indoor and outdoor signage, Interior printing,



Printer Compatibility


. Plotter with Xaar 512, Spectra 512, Konica 512 head
  ( Zund, Durst, Dupont, Infinity Printers )


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